Bringing payment to the next level.

Invoicing has never been easier

Take a look at how easy it is to upload all your documents yourself to your corresponding tours in orcas. 


It's all digital, no more paperwork

Do even more with orcas

With orcas by your side, you can manage all your transports digitally, which you have either requested via our marketplace, or received directly from us.

From the acceptance of the transport all the way to editing your license plates by yourself, you can track and trace all important steps between you and sennder digitally. 

Exclusive Marketplace

Access thousands of available spot loads by sennder at any time and thus fill your empty capacities when needed.

Automated Shipment Assignment

Transports are assigned automatically following predefined rules and procedures, reducing manual work by phone, fax or 


Digital Order Management

Keep track of all your upcoming, current and past transports with our user-friendly platform, eliminating the need of pen and paper.

And more to come...

We are constantly improving our platform and are happy to receive feedback and wishes, simply approach your sennder contact.




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